Tuesday April 14, 2015

Since I started with farm animal facts in my last blog it would only be right to give you farmer facts today.......Robas very own Farmer John!

John was born in Scranton and lived on a dairy farm near Elk Mountain.

He graduated from Mountain View High School in 1975.

John worked at a stone quarry and as a carpenter before planting his first tree!

John had a dream to own a choose and cut Christmas Tree Farm -
that dream came true in 1990!

Pumpkins were grown on the farm in the fall to attract customers to the
Christmas Tree Farm in the winter.

Boy, was that a good idea!!

Today Farmer John grows shade and flowering trees, Christmas trees,
apple trees
and of course pumpkins!

Every now and then Farmer John can be seen with his favorite two pals,
Nikki and Maggie!