In the spring and fall each year, we dig evergreens as well as deciduous shade and flowering trees. We start digging trees as soon as weather permits usually sometime in March. We continue until the trees come out of dormancy. This happens about May 10th, when the new buds come out and the tree starts actively growing. At this time we have to stop digging the trees.


We start digging evergreens again the first part of August when the new growth hardens off. We can continue to dig until the ground is frozen. We may be limited on our digging in October due to our fall season on the farm. Fall time is great for planting, but you usually have to water more aggressively.


We sell our trees to landscapers, garden centers, homeowners and many others. Please feel free to contact us. Tractor Trailer sized loads of trees can be scheduled for delivery upon request. See our Nursery Tree Price List.



A 25% deposit is required when an order is placed. Balance is due in full upon delivery or pick-up. We will accept cash, cashiers check, MasterCard, Visa or Discover. Orders are accepted subject to availability, government regulations, weather and all conditions beyond our control. Orders may be canceled or delayed by the seller without liability to the seller.


Prices quoted are F.O.B. our farm. Please remember trees are a perishable product. Remove baling twine, mulch in and water as needed. All prices are subject to change without notice.


We cannot guarantee potted or dug trees, as we have no control over soil, weather, general care, planting, or maintenance conditions after the trees leave our farm. We will not replace trees that fail to live or thrive. However, we will say that the trees are dug with the size ball (or larger) according to the caliber trunk of the species, and while the trees are at our farm, they will be given the highest standards of care recommended by the industry.