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Behind the Scenes in the Off-Season

The shouts and squeals of glee may have left the slides and Jumbo Jumper, the corn maze paths are empty, and the tractor may not be pulling wagons full of happy visitors, but just because the last guest has left the farm for the fall and holiday seasons doesn't mean Roba Family Farms goes completely silent in the off-season. It is quite the opposite in fact. The farm may be quieter, but plenty is happening behind the scenes to make sure everything is ready and waiting to greet the first guest of next autumn. Here at Roba Family Farms, we work hard in the off-season so guests can play hard next season. During this time, we have a chance to keep learning and to take advantage of collaborating and talking with the wonderful community of farmers who share their collective and valuable knowledge and experience. We attend meetings about planning for the upcoming year, evaluate what works and what could be better, and discuss any changes we want to make. Some of the places we've visited this winter include Charleston, South Carolina, with the North American Farmers and Direct Marketing Association and Orlando, Florida, where it's a party farmer-style for the appropriately named “Corn Party.” We also visited other farms in Florida and friends in California who run an “agritainment” business like ours to brainstorm and share ideas. We learn a lot in the off season and make a lot of plans, but you'll just have to stay tuned to find out what new things might be popping up at the farm. When the weather is frightful outside, inside the barns are bound to be bustling with building projects. We are always looking to improve and are often in a state of building. At any given time, the barns may have projects in various states whether they are new benches, condiment stands, garbage receptacles that look like barns, or items for our low ropes course. Whether general maintenance, improvements or new builds, we are constantly at work building the best atmosphere on the farm that we can. Creating the best possible guest experience is central to all we do in the off-season. Our goal is to give you a wonderful and memorable time at our family farm. Because our guests are the most important part of our farm, guest feedback is huge when it comes to deciding on what to do on our farms. Each year we ask you, our valuable guests, for your feedback on a survey. We get about 2,000 back each year, and we read every single one. It's not all work and no play for the Roba family and crew. We make sure to take time in the slower season for a well deserved vacation. That way we are rested, rejuvenated and eager to welcome back our guests and continue the rewarding work of making Roba Family Farms the perfect place for you to have a fantastic day of play. We hope to see you all this fall!


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