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Come and Get Lost For a While

"Stronger Together" is this year's maze theme, pictured above.

Sometimes it is fun to get a little lost and just see where a road takes you, and that is especially true if you are getting lost in the stalks of Roba Family Farms' annual corn maze.

Challenge your navigational abilities, build teamwork, test your problem-solving skills, and have some good old-fashioned time together with family or friends all while enjoying the sights and smells of the autumn season.

Soon after the last Christmas tree has been cut, the corn maze process begins at Roba Family Farms. We begin brainstorming ideas in January with a family meeting to discuss potential themes and finalize the design in March. Once we have settled on an idea we all like, we turn to our design team at The Maize for a first draft, which is usually a picture to make sure they are on the right track. When we like how the design looks, they take that image and turn it into a maze. We only give final approval once we feel we've reached just the right level of difficulty – not too easy, not too hard.

The Maize does the maze design, but everything else we do in-house with our own employees and family members. Next comes the planting in May followed by laying out the design in the field in June. The corn is planted in a grid that we use to identify where we are in the field. We spray paint the paths on the ground and verify them before we cut the actual paths. We hoe the corn out in the paths and use an old brush hog to till the dirt in the paths and then rake them smooth. From June through July we cut the paths and move everything into the maze. Our mazes consist of slides, towers, stations, and ghost signs. By the end of July the maze is done being set up and all there is to do now is wait for it to grow tall – as high as an elephant's eye, or something like that anyway.

At the farm we have two mazes, a mega maze about 4 acres large and a mini maze about 1 acre. It's up to our guests how long they want to explore the mazes, and how long it takes to master the maze depends on the group and the objective. Some want to collect all the map puzzle pieces, and some want to get out as quickly as possible. Times can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Don't worry, though. If guests become lost in the Mega Maze we do help them find their way out. The Mini Maze is recommended for younger guests and those who want an easier


Some of our favorite maze designs have been our first picture maze “Rudolph” in 2000, “Lost in Space” in 2005, “Lost in Charlotte's Web” in 2008 and “Bees Feed the World” in 2011. We are always looking for good maze theme ideas, which guests can send to


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