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Five Reasons to Work on a Family Farm

Wonder what working on a family farm might be like?

Not only is our family farm a fantastic place to visit, but Roba Family Farms is a great place to work. Here are five farmtastic reasons to join our team.

Enjoy nature while you work

We have plenty of opportunities for you to work outside. Lots of fresh air and sunshine are just a couple of the perks of working outdoors. It's sometimes challenging to work in all kinds of weather (wind, rain, and snow) but working outdoors during autumn is amazing! The splendor of fall colors, the crisp cool days, the smell of campfires; you could not ask for a better work environment.

Work for a family-run business

At Roba Family Farms, our staff aren't merely a cog in a corporate wheel. They are a valued member of a family-run business. For many of our staff, this is their first real job and we aim to make it a positive first experience. Our staff become a part of our Roba team. We care about them and go the extra mile to help with their scheduling needs. We love getting to know our team, to learn about them and their families. What’s most amazing about our team? After 30 years of farming; we are now hiring a second-generation of team members!

Meet great people

It's not all work and no play as a staff member of Roba Family Farms. Our staff helps make memories for our guests and that brings a satisfaction that compares to none! They meet new people everyday and they form lifelong friendships with other team members! Not only does our staff help make memories for our guests, they get to make their own memories with their family and friends too! Every team member receives a season pass and passes to give to 5 people of their choice!

Work local and close to home

Avoid a long commute by working close to home. It's a true advantage to be able to work close to home and in the community. In turn, the farm helps to support the local community. Many of our employees look to the farm as a good opportunity to have short-term seasonal work to earn extra money without having to go too far.

Learn more and do more

The learning curve at the farm is full of opportunity for our staff and leads to a sense of

accomplishment for a job well done. The variety of people we employ in several different roles means there is ample opportunity to find the right work for the right person. We have cashiers, food service, tractor drivers, attraction attendants and more. You'll find teenagers to adults on our team. Our team provides WOW customer service across the farm from cashier to tractor driver, they learn to work with the public in a positive way doing all types of tasks. Our team is on the go from early in the morning till the last guest leaves each night. From the first “welcome to the farm” to the last “see you again soon”, our team is making memories for your family and ours!

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