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Meet our Furry Farm Friends

Every good farm needs a good farm dog, and here at Roba Family Farms we have an abundance of good – brought to us by our good doggos who share the farm with us.

On any given day at the farm, our guests might run into the furrier members of our family: Maggie, Rosie, Emmy, Finnegan, Shazzy, Brandy, Marley, and finally, Jo. These energetic guys and gals are between the ages of 1 and 11, and make up a large range of breeds.

The dogs don't shy away from making themselves right at home. They love going for walks after lunch. By walks we mean no leash required, and maybe no walking even. Rather, they run around the farm while we humans are the ones strolling. The farm's pond is a favorite place for a canine swim when the weather is warm enough, which, in their minds, means any time the pond doesn't have a layer of ice on it.

Our farm-dogs aren't the only four- legged friends guests may come across. The Marvelous Mutts, an amazing group of agility dogs, entertain visitors Thursdays through Sundays three times a day when the farm is open.

The amazing entertainers and athletes of The Marvelous Mutts began performing on our farm five years ago, and in that time they have become a part of our farm family.

The Marvelous Mutts have performed their agility and sport shows at fairs, festivals, theme parks and sporting events all across the country. They also present educational programs at schools and in the community. In addition, they have made appearances on television shows such as "Animal Planet," "The Today Show," "Good Morning America," "The Late Show" and on ESPN. We are thrilled that we are one of their performance locations.

Every dog that is a part of The Marvelous Mutts appearances was adopted from a shelter or through a rescue organization.

These dogs show audiences every day that rescue pets can do thrilling things. After shows, guests can get up close and personal with one of the dogs at a meet-and-greet opportunity.

Kara and Nadja, the humans who train and own The Marvelous Mutts make sure to emphasize that the dogs are beloved pets first and performers second.

Here at Roba Family Farms, our four-legged friends are essential members of the team. And while the farm may not have gone completely to the dogs, it's pretty evident that around here we love our animal friends!


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